The Helm Model

Great leadership requires action, not position. Your team or company needs your steady, but caring, hand on the helm, to guide it towards the future and create a positive, productive culture. TRUST forms the axis: without high trust, things slow down and cost more. And high trust not just in people but in systems. Next, Envision: create a powerful, guiding vision, mission, values and measures of success and involve everyone in the creation process. Next, a vision is of little value until everyone from the top down is mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically Enrolled in it. But enrollment is not enough, we must Enable them with the time, material, training, money
and resources to carry out their roles and vision. We continue by Engaging them through motivation, delegation and constant involvement. Finally, we involve everyone in the process to Explore new horizons: better and different ways to think and do things. Yet, your “ship” will face challenges: the high and turbulent seas of change!