Visionbound Team Building

Purpose:  To create winning teams that communicate clearly, practice focused accountability and work together in unity and synergy to accomplish goals.

The Visionbound half or full-day team building workshop provides a fun and action-packed experience for intact teams.  It may be conducted on-site or off-site.  Participants will experience:

  • Learning about each other in a fun icebreaker
  • Experience the ABC’s of great teams: Achievement, Belonging and Contribution
  • Creating a team purpose statement
  • Working together in two or three fun and challenging low-impact team-building games
  • Creating a team “Code of Conduct” that brings the team values to life
  • Learning how to communicate assertively rather than passively or passive-aggressively
  • Understanding how the power of a team is a “force multiplier” and creates trust
  • How to build trust with each other and as a team

The team can prepare by participating ahead of time with a team Vital Signs Survey.