“A unique combination of character, competence and enthusiasm has made Kevin an extraordinary teacher. ”

Stephen R Covey

Best Selling Author

“It is with great pleasure and enormous confidence that I submit to you my personal recommendation of Kevin Miller of VisionBound International. Kevin has taught various training and development seminars to many of our clients. As an institution of Higher Education, our customers expect that their educational experiences with us will be of the highest caliber and value. The seminars we have sponsored where Kevin has been the facilitator have been some of the most well received, most popular, and most highly praised of this type. In particular, Kevin’s customer service seminars are invariably among the most highly rated of all the workshops and seminars we sponsor. He has a unique ability to motivate every attendee to participate fully and to simultaneously feel that they are being entertained and that they are learning and gaining some very powerful and useful tools. I recommend Kevin Miller most highly and am enormously confident that his training will be as valuable to your organization as it has been to so many of our clients.”

Bob Stevens

Director of Corporate Training, Salt Lake Community College

“Kevin inspired our franchise owners and managers with his customer service training program! He presented dozens of fresh ideas on how to deliver exceptional customer service. He understands how to deliver great service right where it counts: at every point of contact.”

Dan Grover

Corporate Director of Operations, Hogi Yogi

“We invited Kevin Miller to provide storewide training on Customer Service and leadership skills. We discovered, to our delight, he uses foundational principles as his training style. His high energy, conviction about his subject matter and fun interactive teaching skills made a strong impact on our employees. They learned while having fun! Kevin makes the seminar experience easy. He is a skilled presenter, previewing his training materials and establishing clear objectives. He then relates the training to known or familiar circumstances through examples and case studies so students easily identify the principles in action. He builds upon this understanding by relating these principles to their own work situations through interaction and games. His handouts, shortcuts and survey tools are outstanding reminders of essential principles. Everyone loves his keen sense of humor and fun examples. We plan on bringing him back to develop a long-term training/coaching program we believe will be world-class.”

David Hansen

Director, Utah State University Bookstore

“Kevin Miller is one of the most talented inspirational trainers I have ever met with the natural ability to generate excitement and the courage required to change. I have attended several workshops and seminars in admiration of how he has unfolded to my understanding the concepts he was teaching while at the same time created an incredible desire to succeed at them.”

Richard D. Jarvis

President, Extraordinary Development Inc

“Payson City recently completed a training course from Kevin Miller that had the effect of rekindling the positive moral of the employees and created a dedication to customer service that will remain with us for a long time. Kevin was able to relate with the diverse needs of a full service organization and provide meaningful insights of how each of us can be more customer friendly. Kevin brings with him some great written and reference information that can be used time and again as a refresher course or as new employees are hired. We hope to continue with more extensive training in the future.”

Andy Hall

City Manager, Payson City

“We invited Kevin to present a full eight hours of training to over 60 members in our Mountain States College Store Association last year. His powerful, dynamic sessions provided dozens of great tools to our members on how to lead their bookstore teams and deliver incredible customer service. His presentations were so great that our members insisted we invite him back this year for another day of presentations on leadership, communication, resolving conflict, and working with difficult customers. The response from our members was incredible. He leaves his audiences inspired, but more importantly, leaves very useful handouts packed with tools you can take back and implement immediately in your teams. Kevin has worked with college students for many years and understands their needs and how to lead them. His “Customers Only Want Two Things” program is right on the mark in working in this market and my own bookstore employees completely benefited from it. I highly recommend you bring Kevin in as a trainer and presenter in your bookstores, or as a main presenter or keynote speaker for any association conference.”

Roger Reynolds

President, MSCSA

“I invited Kevin to present his Customers Only Want Two Things seminar to the managers of the Utah area Toyota parts and service teams. His training was fast moving, interesting and engaging and left our managers with dozens of useful tools and ideas for improving service performance. We plan to have Kevin present the rest of his program this year.”

Ryan Thomas

Regional Parts and Service Manager, Toyota

“We have been working with Kevin on ways to improve our customer service; his energy, enthusiasm and especially understanding of our industry—were all well received by our employees; he involved them in the learning process and had them commit to their individual goals. He was able to help us see our financial institution through the eyes of a customer which was invaluable- the excellent training and loads of new ideas was a bonus- very cost effective for us.”

Phil Trost

Senior Vice President, Central Bank

“Kevin R. Miller conducted his renowned Customer Service Program to hundreds of commissary employees at Edwards AFB, Los Angeles AFB and March ARB in California. Separate Customer Service classes were conducted for management and non-management personnel to better key in on key topics and issues, and to allow non-management personnel to more speak freely. Outstanding feedback was provided after each session and Mr. Miller left working tools at each site and with each participant to continue the focus and best practices to maintain outstanding Customer Service after completion of the training. Each group actually went into the host store to point out things being done in an outstanding manner, as well as areas where improvement was needed. This was an effective training tool and very beneficial for the stores which hosted the training. Mr. Miller has a long list of instructional topics and tries to tailor the training to deal with current concerns and direction of the agency he is working with. I received nothing but very positive comments from the manager and employees who attended the various training sessions. We were very pressed for time but Mr. Miller was very flexible and adjusted training sessions at various locations and times to better accommodate our needs and insure maximum participation with minimal disruption of our day to day business. He also makes himself readily available after completion of the training to ALL participants in the event they have any unanswered questions or need help with implementation of the concepts covered. Mr. Miller is a true professional who does an outstanding job and cares about the people who he comes in contact with.”

Robert Varela

Zone 18 Manager, Defense Commissary Agency


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