VisionBound Virtual Leadership Institute : a New Way for a New Era

We are now able to deliver all of our leadership programs virtually.  This enables you to reach all of your leaders no matter where they are.  We recommend scheduling one topic each week for 60-75 minutes.  We will custom build the content of your Institute based on assessing your needs.  You can read more about this program and see a list of topics here. 


Developing leaders is more important than ever and now VisionBound has a way for you to develop your current and future leaders and even your senior executive leaders through a multi-session program that requires only one hour per week.  In each session, participants will learn one key skill for inspiring leadership.  We have special ways to customize the program for many industries, such as retailing, call centers, healthcare and government.

Here is how you can learn more:

  1. Download this program outline that describes the learning and how it is conducted:

VisionBound Virtual Leadership Institute

2. Watch this Video

3. Contact us at to arrange a zoom call with Kevin so you can see the materials and discuss how best to bring this program to your team.

Virtual Leadership Institute for Emerging Leaders

This one is specially designed to help you prepare your next generation of leaders so they are ready for advancement.  We recommend a group of ten to twenty, one hour a week, where they will learn many skills they need to be successful when promoted.

For some specialty versions, click on one of these videos and contact us to get the information packet for each program.



Hospitality (hotels, resorts)

Restaurants/Food Service

Non-Profit Teams


Call Centers