Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help transform cultures through a powerful combination of consulting, training, and coaching services. Details of these services and the story of our company and its models are on the following pages. Consider indicating with checkmarks any of these services that might be of value to you.
• Customer Service/Customer Loyalty workshops and consultation both in live sessions and through virtual delivery.
• Instill inspiring leadership through our extensive VisionBound Leadership Institute
• Help develop and refine your strategic plan and supporting goals and accountability/execution processes.
• Build winning teams through interactive, engaging team building off sites and workshops.
• Improve communication.
• Develop executive level C-Suite leadership
• Develop emerging/next generation leaders.
• Provide no-cost surveys that analyze the culture, assess learning priorities and diagnose strengths and areas for improvement.
• Provide one-on-one coaching, both in person or virtually, including a powerful 360-degree personal leadership profile
• Provide access to a vast library of online/digital materials and recorded seminars through our Vision Achievement Learning Management System
• Provide an outsourced CLO service (Chief Learning Officer) to stay with you as long as needed as a source of systemic learning and development.
• Help develop marketing strategies, marketing tools and websites.
• Offer inspiring keynotes and break-out sessions at conferences on many subjects, particularly leadership and customer loyalty.
• Serve as a professional consultant to your company or team on any of these above and other subjects.

VisionBound Virtual Leadership Institute : a New Way for a New Era

Developing leaders is more important than ever and now VisionBound has a way for you to develop your current and future leaders and even your senior executive leaders through a multi-session program that requires only one hour per week.  In each session, participants will learn one key skill for inspiring leadership.  We have special ways to customize the program for many industries, such as retailing, call centers, healthcare and government.

Here is how you can learn more:

  1. Download this program outline that describes the learning and how it is conducted:

VisionBound Virtual Leadership Institute

2. Watch this Video

3. Contact us at info@visionbound.com to arrange a zoom call with Kevin so you can see the materials and discuss how best to bring this program to your team.

For some specialty versions, click on one of these videos and contact us to get the information packet for each program.



Hospitality (hotels, resorts)

Restaurants/Food Service

Non-Profit Teams


Call Centers